Does Lipozene Work?

does lipozene workAfter hearing about Lipozene, some people wonder does Lipozene work. Well, here is some information that may help you answer that question for yourself.

Does Lipozene Work?

Lipozene is a weight loss supplement and the active ingredient is glucomannan which is a vegetable fiber derived from the root of the amorphophallus konjac plant. Obesity Research Institute, LLC is the manufacturer, and it is sold through the official website as well as being marketed through groups of independent distributors. A recommendation is found on the official website cautioning users to consult with their health care provider before starting on any regimen of weight loss with this or any other supplement.

So, Is Lipozene any good? Read on for more information.

The glucomannan in Lipozene is a soluble fiber which absorbs water after entering the digestive system. As it absorbs fluids, it expands to create the feeling of fullness which reduces hunger. Along with this, the fiber also acts by adding bulk into the system which creates soft stools that are easier to pass. Can Lipozene move food through the system? It appears that it should.

A publication appearing in 1984 in the International Journal of Obesity demonstrated the effects of glucomannan fiber on obese users. The participants in this study were told not to change anything about their exercise habits or diets other than to take two 500 mg capsules containing glucomannan with water an hour before every meal. The average weight loss for these individuals after the initial eight weeks was 5.5 pounds. Another positive side effect of this was that their low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) also decreased. Does Lipozene work for better health? Maybe.

Does Lipozene Work? – Clinical Studies Misleading

Television advertisements for Lipozene allude that there are 12 clinical studies supporting this specific product. However, these studies have only been done on the active ingredient, glucomannan not the product itself. This is a bit misleading, and it is advisable that anyone wishing to take Lipozene understand this upfront. As with any other weight loss product, it is important to include exercise and a healthy diet in order to achieve best results.

Does Lipozene really work? While it is possible to find numerous negative reviews about Lipozene on the Internet, it seems that the overwhelming evidence points to the fact that it really does work with very few if any side effects.

When reading reviews of this product, you will find that many report having lost from one to seven pounds in the first week. Others state that they have not lost anything at all. Some say that they only took one capsule 30 minutes before eating and others report that they ingested two of them one hour before meals three times each day. With all of this confusion over how to take this weight loss supplement, is it any wonder there are different results leaving many wondering does Lipozene work?

Does Lipozene Work – Conclusion

Does Lipozene Work? It all depends on whether or not you are taking it according to directions and if you stay with the program long enough. It also depends on whether you are drinking the right amount of water with the product. Remember, the question does Lipozene work will mean nothing if you do not follow instructions.

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